Buannic Residence

Buannic Residence

Buannic Residence

Howell, New Jersey

Installed: July 2004
27 modules : BP 150WATT
2 inverters : SMA SUNNYBOYS

Reason for Choosing Solar:

Because they have two young children, Denis and Suze Buannic are very cognizant of the effects that their current actions will have on their children’s world as they grow up. Having already invested in energy efficient appliances, and looking for other ways to reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to preserve their children’s and future grandchildren’s environment, they decided to research renewable energy. They came across the possibility of solar for their home online. Solar PV has been supported by generous state rebates, and because the Buannics were early adapters to the technology, the state of New Jersey reimbursed up to 70% of the cost of their installation in the form of a rebate.

About the Installation:

The Buannics were Trinity Solar’s first solar electric installation. Several crew leaders participated in the installation as Trinity embarked on its transition from a heating and air company to a solar company. The BP modules were mounted to the roof and the inverters installed in the garage. In the last four and a half years, the Buannics have experienced significant savings, and they continue to refer other friends to get their own solar savings system.

“We spent less than $200 over the last 12 months on electricity for our 3,200 square foot home. Our solar system has exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to be reducing our family’s carbon footprint.”

Suze Buannic, homeowner