Maryland Solar HOA Rules

Maryland Solar Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Rules and Your Right to the Sun

Among other things, the purpose of an HOA is to protect the look and feel of your neighborhood.  We, at Trinity, couldn’t agree more on the need to ensure home improvements add value to your home.  That’s why we build the best looking systems available on the market.  Our dark solar panels not only blend with the overall color of your roof, but we also go the extra mile to hide any exposed roof conduit.  We are a firm believer that solar should add to the value of your home and not detract. 

Running conduit through your attic instead of one your roof or tucking it behind gutters versus running it straight down the side of your home take extra time, however, our believe is the extra few hours is worth the time when compared to the +25-year life of a solar electric system.  We work with your HOA to help them understand the solar HOA rules and why Trinity is the best solar installer you could choose for improved home aesthetics.

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It’s the Law

Many HOA’s are unaware of the Real Property Code of Maryland (cited below) which prohibits the issuance of conditions or restrictions on the installation of a solar electric system.

Specifically, the Maryland Real Property Code “prohibits any restrictions that (1) significantly increase the cost of a solar system, and/or (2) significantly decrease the system’s efficiency”. Some requests such as solar panel color and solar panel placement do, in fact, increase the cost and/or decrease system efficiency and are illegal per Maryland statutes.

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We work for you

Our solar applications team completes all the necessary paperwork to request approval from your HOA.  Further, we will submit the application on your behalf if your HOA’s rules allow for it.  Although we take every effort to address concerns from HOAs and will work with you to do so, it is illegal for them to issue restrictions counter to Maryland Real Property Code.   A common issue we deal with that is technically illegal is some HOAs want to dictate where the solar panels can be placed.  In doing so, their requested placement can lower the energy the panels would produce and would be in violation of bullet 2 listed above.

Exceptions to the rule

Note: this law does not apply to historic properties, however, some jurisdictions allow for modifications where appropriate.  If you live in a historic district, you can typically still have solar.  In doing so, we would work with you to address the concerns any historic district commission or HOA would have.