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In April 2015, Trinity Solar opened our operations in Maryland and quickly became one of the top solar companies in Maryland.  Located just south of BWI Airport and north of Arundel Mills Mall, our office allows for easy access to solar homeowners and solar businesses located throughout the Chesapeake Bay state.  From our home base in Anne Arundel County, we service and install solar electric systems from as far west as Frederick, Maryland to as far east as Ocean City, Maryland.  We also operate in several southern Pennsylvania counties and all through the state of Delaware.

Our mailing address and phone number is:
Maryland Solar Location
Trinity Solar
7455 New Ridge Road,
Suites C,D, and E
Hanover, Maryland 21706

About Us, the Areas We Serve, and other Solar-Related Information

Our Maryland Solar Staff

When Trinity opened the Maryland office, it did so with the experience of a company running for nearly 20 years.  Trinity knows what it takes to deliver on customer promises.  With that knowledge, Trinity assembled a team of experienced solar, electrical, and construction experts.

Bringing 18 years of solar sales, marketing and operations experience, Ed Merrick, our General Manager, opened the Maryland office in 2015.  Ed and his team took the office from zero to nearly 2,000 installations in less than 2 years.  In just a short time, Trinity is now one of the top residential solar installers in Maryland.  Ed also serves on the board of MDVSEIA and is an important solar voice within the state.    

Trinity Solar Consultants

Trinity Solar energy consultantsWith our no-obligation in-home assessments, Trinity's solar energy consultants work with homeowners to determine if they can 'go solar'.  A typical in-home consultation includes reviewing a homeowner's electric bill, assessing the roof where solar is to be placed, and discussing solar financing options.  Our solar consultants offer an array of ways a homeowner can get solar installed with no initial out-of-pocket expense.  Often, a homeowner chooses Trinity because of the trust built with their solar consultant and how Trinity's financing options meet the needs of the homeowner.  Whether the homeowner wishes to purchase the solar electric system, take out a loan, or enter into a Power Purchase Agreement, the solar consultant is there to guide their client through the process.  Our goal is to delight the homeowner so much that they recommend us to their friends and family.  If we haven't done this, our job is not complete.

Installation Team

Our installation teams are run by Trinity's installation supervisors and crew leaders.  Unlike our competition, our crew leaders are trained in both attaching the panels to your roof and doing the electrical work.  Supported by our electrical division, our installers are trained to perform all the work necessary to get the solar system on your home working prior to leaving the installation.

Trinity's full service electrical warehouse and fleet of 26 vans, trucks and service transits acts in support of the installation team.  This team helps the installers consistently install high quality solar electric systems at rapid speed.  Backed by 3rd party quality inspections, you can rest assured the solar electric systems we install are built to perform. 

"I would certainly give them a 10 for their efforts and craftsmanship.  I would recommend your company to anyone just on the performance of these fine men." - E.B., Northeast, MD

Construction & Electrical Team

We have a team of 6 construction professionals with decades-long experience in building and repairing homes.  Trinity's construction team is experienced in both roof repair and home construction. Our broad range of services include drywall work, painting, attic reinforcement and roof repair/replacement.  If work needs to be done on your home to make it solar-ready, our experienced staff has the know-how to get the work done in a timely and efficient manner.

Our in-house electrical department is headed up by our Master Electrician.  The team of 5 electricians routinely perform solar-related electrical work.  They also are able troubleshoot home electrical systems and provide additional electrical work required by homeowners.  Among other things, the team performs electrical panel upgrades, generator connections to the home's electrical system, and troubleshoots various home wiring problems.  

They were all so nice and polite, answered all my question. They really work hard all day and worked as a team. Very professional and knowledgeable. I was very impressed.  Having people working around your house can be stressful for a home owner, but they made it a pleasant experience. - Mary F., Stevensville, MD 

Permitting, Interconnections, and HOA Applications Team

Our local applications team fills out, submits and obtains all permits, interconnection documents, and HOA applications.  Obtaining these approvals is necessary before the solar electrical system can be installed on your home.  The department works with Maryland counties and towns to ensure the installation meets the electrical and structural codes required by the permitting authority.  In addition, the team interacts daily with Maryland utilities to ensure the solar electrical system is capable of working with the electrical grid. 

Inspectors & Site Surveyors

Trinity is staffed with a team of inspectors, site surveyors, and support personnel responsible for ensuring the solar electrical system is installed correctly and passes the inspection performed by the permitting agency.  Our team collects roof quality data and dimensions to prepare the system's design necessary for permitting.  Their work also helps the installations start on time and go as expected.  The support personnel work with homeowners to coordinate convenient times for the final inspection and are available to answer any questions the homeowner has.

The crew was great. Everyone was professional and answered all my questions and informed me of everything that was going to that happen. They made the installation process seamless. - Eric Y., Edgewood, MD

Service Technicians

Trinity's full-service staff of solar technicians are routinely travel around the state trouble-shooting systems.  Because we have a strong group of technicians, our team also provides additional troubleshooting services to Trinity's finance partners.  Often, Trinity is asked to support systems we didn't install.  Our technicians troubleshoot all solar-related problems and quickly and efficiently remedy any performance-related issues that may be occurring.