Installation Options

Installation Options

We specialize in installing residential & commercial systems

To get an idea of some of the options for installation that are available, commercial systems can be the best showcase. Although the modules are the same, system scale, configuration, and the installation expertise require are very different for commercial applications. Trinity Solar offers unsurpassed expertise installing systems of all sizes - all of which are custom-designed and light-weight.


Ballasted Non-Penetrating Roof Systems

Ballasted with cement blocks, the solar panels are tilted up to 15° to maximize system production. Less than 5 lbs/ft2 and requires no penetrations through the roof.


Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

Standard non-penetrating clips provide secure attachments for the solar panels with zero roof penetrations. Less than 2.5 lbs/ft2

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Sloped Asphalt Roofs

Quick to install and conforms directly with roof slope. Most residential systems are configured in this manner. Less than 2.5 lbs/ft2

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Ground-Mounted Systems

Utilizes available land area to maximize system production.

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Canopy Systems

A support structure is constructed for arrays to be placed over parking lots or in other similar locations.