Steps To Owning Solar

7 Easy Steps to Home Solar System Ownership

Our experienced solar specialists walk you through all steps required to get your home solar system up and running. It’s Easy and Free. Start saving today!

1. Initial Site Visit and Consultation

Give us a call — a Trinity representative will then conduct a short interview to gather the details of your interest and schedule a site visit with one of our solar specialists at your convenience.

Upon arrival, our solar specialist will conduct a survey of your property and determine the best location for your new system. The solar specialist will then conduct an assessment of your energy usage and evaluate what size system best fits your needs.

2. Design and Estimation

Our Solar Specialist provides a system design with expected performance measures and all costs associated with home solar. They will also show you how to take advantage of the lucrative Federal and state solar incentives that significantly lower the cost of a solar energy system, as well as any of Trinity’s special financing programs.

Since we do this at no cost to you, we request that the homeowner is present for the site visit and we ask that a current electric bill is provided for our review.

3. The Paperwork

Don’t worry — our solar specialists are trained to guide you through all the paperwork necessary to be approved for incentives designed to help homeowners go solar. Depending on the incentive, we can even handle the paperwork with the agencies providing the incentive. (Unfortunately, the federal government won’t allow us to submit your tax returns for you to get your tax credits – you’ll have to do this yourself.) At this stage, we also collect a small deposit to get started.

All states where we operate allow us to prepare, manage and submit your state application. We also obtain authorization to connect your system up to your utility provider (so your meter will spin backwards) and request all permits necessary to install your system on your home.

4. Equipment Procurement

Upon rebate, interconnection, and permit approval, we proceed with ordering your system from our equipment suppliers. We work with hand-picked manufacturers known in the industry to provide state-of-the-art modules, inverters, and mounting systems to ensure your home solar system will perform as expected over the next 30 years.

5. System Installation

Once the equipment is received, a Trinity representative will contact you to schedule your installation. We’ll conduct a final walk-through and make sure no site changes have occurred that alter the original design. The installation begins with attaching the module mounting system, then the modules are then attached to the mounting system and connected to a junction box that leads to your inverter. As our roofing specialists install the modules, our electrical experts mount the inverter(s) usually in your garage or basement and then connect the modules to the inverter. Finally, we connect the inverter to your circuit breaker box so you can generate electricity for your home.

6. System Commissioning

At this point, we conduct a final system walk-through with you and explain how the system will operate. After final walk-through, we then schedule all necessary inspections by local permitting authorities, rebate administrators and your utility.

7. Project Completion

Following the completion of the state and local inspections, we submit the final request for payment of your rebate, if applicable. We offer to our clients the option of assigning the rebate to us as a form of payment so you don’t have to pay more upfront and then wait for the rebate. We do the waiting so you don’t have to. We also provide all the information you need to set up your solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) account so you can immediately start generating and selling your SRECs.

Even though the project is complete, keep in mind that we are always available should you need us. Most of our staff own their own system so you can just give us a call!