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Trinity has grown into the largest privately held residential solar company in the nation. Now, we are taking the responsibility to serve our greater community by giving back.

Our Communities Program can help to provide your organization with precious financial resources.

We will contribute $100 to your organization when a member sits with a Trinity Solar Consultant.

We will contribute $1000 to your organization when a member has solar installed by Trinity.

We will contribute $500 to your organization and $500 to the referrer for installs outside of your organization.

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  1. No payments will be paid out under the Communities Program prior to the Non-Profit Organization (the “NPO”) entering both a Non-Profit Referral Marketing Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) and a Non-Profit Referral Incentive Program Agreement (the “Program”).
  2. All payments will be made in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Program. In the event the Program’s donation period (term of the Program + ninety (90) days) elapses prior to completion of the appointment or installation, no donation will be made to the NPO but the individual may qualify for some payment under the then current standard referral program.
  3. All referrals must be made through a Trinity Solar approved method, and must be received prior to the appointment
  4. No payments will be made for appointments related to the Communities Program unless such appointment is a completed “Qualifying Appointment.” In order for an appointment to be a Qualifying Appointment, it is necessary that:
    1. The NPO has been identified either directly by the prospective customer, or through a member of the NPO registered into the Program, as the referring party for the appointment;
    2. The prospective customer, where owners in common of a Property are treated as a single customer, has not otherwise been in contact with Trinity Solar;
    3. All holders of title for the “Property,” where Property refers to all buildings and land under common ownership on a plot as set out by the relevant municipality, on which the solar photovoltaic system would be installed are present; and
    4. The latest electric bill for the Property is provided.
  5. Payments for installations of solar photovoltaic systems which occur as a result of a Qualifying Appointment will be paid out in one of two ways:
    1. If the installation is on the Property of a member of the NPO, $1,000.00 will be contributiond to the NPO. No payments will be made to the individual referrer, if applicable.
    2. If the installation is on the Property of a non-member of the NPO, $500.00 will be contributiond to the NPO and the individual referrer of the Qualifying Appointment will be rewarded $500.00. For clarity, only one (1) payment type will be made per installation.
  6. The determination of whether a referred customer is a member or non-member will be at the sole discretion of Trinity Solar. The NPO may provide Trinity Solar with a member list or method to verify membership, which Trinity Solar will utilize to the best of Trinity Solar’s abilities.
  7. All donations made to the NPO will be allocated to a general fund by Trinity Solar. Trinity Solar in no way directs or endorses the specific usage of the funds. Any representations of how the funds will be used is made solely by the NPO.
  8. All moneys directed to the NPO by Trinity Solar are made by Trinity Solar directly. No individual referrer is entitled to payment of that amount, nor is the donation made on any individual’s behalf for tax purposes.
  9. Individual referrers may refer their friends and family, but individual referrers shall not engage in any advertisement, solicitation or public communication, or otherwise make any representation, about or on behalf of Trinity Solar.
  10. Trinity Solar is not required to either initiate or continue to pursue any referral.

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