Possible net metering boost for Massachusetts [Video]

Net metering provides incentive for people to invest in solar power in Massachusetts, and the state’s political movers and shakers are trying to increase the cap. However, some are opposed to the idea.

Leaders in the state’s House of Representatives are aiming to propel a bill that will increase the cap to two thousand four hundred megawatts. By removing solar legislation from one bill and creating a new one all its own, the legislators believe they can push the net metering bill through in November to lift the net metering cap.

The opposition could slow this down. Utility providers are concerned about the potential costs to them that may arise from lifting the net metering cap. Some claim that net metering will only benefit the few who have solar energy systems, resulting in increased costs for the rest of the state’s residents. On the other hand, supporters argue that failing to lift the cap will cost the state millions in stalled solar projects and lost revenue.

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