Morocco’s giant solar plant steals the spotlight [Video]

Solar power is becoming a beacon of renewable energy across the globe, and Morocco’s newest project is the latest, and perhaps greatest, accomplishment for solar so far.

The African nation recently announced plans to build the largest concentrated solar plant in the world, dubbed the Noor Solar Project. The first step, Noor One, will be generating up to one hundred sixty megawatts of electricity in the coming weeks. By the time the project reaches its peak capacity, it should be able to provide power for one-point-one million Moroccan homes.

Currently, Morocco gets more than ninety-seven percent of its energy from imported nonrenewable energy sources. With the Noor Solar Project, alongside other renewable energy efforts, the country is poised to rely on clean energy to supply half of its electricity by 2020, greatly reducing its carbon footprint and setting a key example for other nations around the world.

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