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The “Big Picture” for Solar is Getting Really, Really Big

residential solar installation

Going solar is a big deal for any homeowner, considering both the cost of solar as well as how much it can save you on your electricity bill. But in the grand scheme of things, a few kilowatts of solar panels on your roof isn’t exactly going to change the world – or is it?#Actually, […]

37,552 Reasons Why Solar Is Boosting East Coast Economies

bright futures for renewables

As the conversation about energy in America becomes more and more focused on jobs, the solar industry might have the greatest story to tell of any form of energy, renewable or otherwise. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are now twice the number jobs in solar than in coal!Trinity Solar is […]

How Solar Helps You Manage Your Monthly Budget


If you’re in charge of keeping track of your household’s budget, there’s a big benefit from going solar beyond just lower electricity bills: more predictable electricity bills. Take a look at a chart from the Department of Energy showing average monthly residential electricity prices in the states Trinity serves over the past 15 years.As you […]

Going Solar Was Cheaper Than Ever in 2016


2016 was a truly amazing year for the solar industry, and a big reason has been the steady decline in the cost of going solar. As the largest solar installer in the northeast, Trinity sees this phenomenon playing out right in front of us every day – but it’s also great to look at the […]

Cost of Solar for Massachusetts Homeowners

Row Homes In Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts gives homeowners who go solar much more control over your electricity costs. It can also protect you from random and unexpected electricity price hikes. Let’s face it, every year during winter, electricity rates in Massachusetts go up. Although the general trend fluctuates throughout the year, the fact remains that the annual […]

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