Apple's solar project grows in Singapore

Apple is no stranger to the spotlight, but this time the technology giant is making waves with an environmentally friendly announcement. Every one of the company's locations in Singapore, from its stores to its offices, will soon be powered exclusively by solar energy. This is the latest move from the company, which is using its position as a global business leader to set an example for other companies to follow in terms of creating a sustainable future and preserving the Earth's natural resources by investing in commercial solar and other green technology.

Taking a bite of the green Apple
The international tech company is aiming to expand its green energy initiative to every one of its locations the world over in a number of different ways. In fact, Apple started making eco-friendly efforts earlier this year in China by targeting forest conservation. An official release from the company in May 2015 indicated Apple is seeking to operate completely on renewable energy sources. The company is working with the World Wildlife Fund to help spur and protect new forests in China. At the same time, Apple revealed plans to invest in solar energy efforts not just in China but in its locations all over the world.

Apple's efforts to go green place a strong emphasis on solar.Apple's efforts to go green place a strong emphasis on solar.

Solar power will help the Apple tree grow greener
In May, Apple announced the development of two 20-megawatt solar farms in China, and now Singapore will join the ranks of solar-powered Apple locations. Apple boasts 800 locations in the latter country, the majority of which are offices and factories. In fact, the company is set to open its first retail location in Singapore, and the store is set to rely solely on solar power from the moment it opens its doors.

"Apple's project will see 50 MW of solar panel installations in Singapore."

Reuters reported that Apple's project will see 50 MW of solar panel installations across the roofs of both Apple buildings and public structures. This is roughly 17 MW more than the company needs to power its facilities, so taking conservation and corporate social responsibility one step further, Apple will use the rest of the generated power for public housing in the nation.

Planting the seed of change for corporations the world over
Not only is Apple seeking to reduce its carbon footprint, but the company is using its position in the spotlight to inspire others to follow suit. Being the No. 1 brand on Forbes list of the World's Most Valuable Brands, Apple is in a good position to lead the charge toward sustainable practices.

"We've set an example by greening our data centers, retail stores and corporate offices, and we're ready to start leading the way toward reducing carbon emissions from manufacturing," said Apple CEO Tim Cook in the May press release. "This won't happen overnight – in fact, it will take years – but it's important work that has to happen, and Apple is in a unique position to take the initiative toward this ambitious goal."

The corporate world is already trending in that direction anyway, and having a leading company on the side of going green will likely on spur the adoption of clean energy and other green efforts the world over. Whether through commercial solar installations or green building initiatives or other moves, corporate adoption of environmentally friendly practices will also help push consumers in the same direction.



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