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How Solar Helps You Manage Your Monthly Budget


If you’re in charge of keeping track of your household’s budget, there’s a big benefit from going solar beyond just lower electricity bills: more predictable electricity bills. Take a look at a chart from the Department of Energy showing average monthly residential electricity prices in the states Trinity serves over the past 15 years.As you […]

The Cost of NOT Going Solar: Five Things You’re Missing Out On


Home solar is in the midst of an unprecedented boom, and there’s been a concurrent explosion in articles on the internet about how much it costs to go solar. It’s no surprise: solar is a major, long-term investment in your home, and you’d be foolish not to do your homework before taking the plunge. However, […]

Cost of Solar for New Jersey Homeowners

Shark River Inlet, Belmar, NJ

Solar Energy in New Jersey Considering recent trends in our home state, New Jersey homeowners who choose to go solar are afforded an alternative to rising utility costs. Further control over electricity costs means protection from unexpected price hikes, for example, is but one benefit to getting solar in the state with the highest cost […]

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