Solar Installation Services

Trinity Solar Services

Site Evaluation and Financial Modeling

Our first step to securing you more affordable renewable energy is to sit down and discuss your energy needs while also conducting a detailed site analysis. We will determine the optimal system size to suit your needs and ensure it fits your financial goals.

Design, Installation & Commissioning

Trinity Solar Services - Measurements

We design, procure and install the solar electric system specific to your needs. We manage all the logistics, paperwork associated with rebates, permitting and utility interconnection.

Project Financing

We have the resources to help you enjoy the best financing and innovative programs available the most affordable solar systems ever.

We can help broker your SRECs to obtain the best price.

System Monitoring & Maintenance


We provide a full 5 year warranty on our systems in addition to extensive manufacturer warranties on modules and inverters.

Ask about how you can get full system care, which includes maintenance, extended warranties, and monitoring for your solar system.

Energy Efficiency

Our BPI-certified staff can not only help you obtain more affordable electricity from solar power, but we can also help you use energy more efficiently by performing full energy audits for homes.