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"I wanted to let someone know how impressed I was with the installation of my system. The guys that came were extremely professional, from the panel lay out to the electrical conduit following the roof line for a better look to not even a piece of paper left on the ground. I am a project manager for a union commercial HVAC company so I've seen quite a few construction jobs and this ranks up at the top. Please pass my thanks to installing team."

Mike Dempsey
May 6, 2011
6.67 kW System

How much does it cost?

The answer is it depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • the state you live in,
  • how much electricity your system will produce,
  • and the financing options in which you qualify.

Bill Granger, Trinity VP, explains the economics of solar for your home.


If you are purchasing the system outright, then the costs below provide an illustration of the costs and incentives one would receive for a project that produces SRECs.

System Size 6 kW
System Production, kilowatt-hours 6,900 kWhrs
Annual Electric Savings
($0.18/kw electric rate)
Annual SREC Income
(conservative $125/SREC)
Total Annual Income $2,105
Cost of system $24,000
Less 30% Federal Tax Credit $7,200
Cost after tax credit $16,800
Return on Investment 12.5%


Some incentive programs provide calculators to see just how much savings you will receive.


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