Financing Solar

Financing Solar

Trinity Solar brings affordable solar power to the Northeast!

Trinity Solar provides solar financing options to suit anyone’s needs.

Option 1: Install Solar for Free

That’s right—solar can be installed with no money out of your pocket. Many homeowners qualify for this simple and easy way to start using solar energy. Instead of purchasing a system outright, a homeowner can instead just purchase the solar energy it produces. You can lock in a new, lower cost of electricity from the solar panels on your roof so you no longer have to buy energy from the utility company and be subjected to their rate hikes!

Option 2: Electric Rate Buy-down

With a small up-front payment, you can buy down the rate you’ll pay for solar energy over the next 20 years. A third party still owns the system, but you get the benefits of producing your own more affordable solar energy.

Option 3: Same-as-Cash Solar Financing

Through its partners, Trinity assists with Same As Cash financing:

  • Six or 12-month Same As Cash program for residential customers.
  • Projects can range from $1,000 to $45,000.
  • This is a true "no-no" program – no interest and no payments. It works wonderfully in conjunction with any tax credits or rebates to be realized.
  • This gives the customer the ability to get their project today with no interest and no payments!
  • It offers the convenience of being completely paperless, and as an unsecured loan, equity is not an issue.
  • This loan is based solely on credit and income.