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Are you ready to stop paying that high electric bill? Are you ready to lessen your dependence on fossil fuels? Are you ready to take control of your energy future?

You're ready for solar power for your home

Trinity Solar makes the choice for solar energy simple and affordable. As one of the top solar providers in the Northeast, over 17,000 solar power system installed and more solar services to help you in your area, Trinity Solar can design a cost effective home solar power solution to fit any budget.

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During your free consultation with our solar specialist, you will hear about all of our programs- including options to purchase outright, finance through one of Trinity's resources, or procure same-as-cash financing- all of which will provide clean, affordable solar energy to power your home.

"We spent less than $200 over the last 12 months on electricity for our 3,200 square foot home. Our solar panel system has exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to be reducing our family's carbon footprint."

Suze Buannic,
Home Owner

Join the over 17,000 home and business owners that have trusted Trinity Solar to help them take control of their energy costs by installing solar power on their home or business. Contact Us Today.

Trinity Solar's Kristen English interviewed by NJ Discover, April 2013.

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Kristen provides insight into the history of Trinity as well as walks through the process for getting solar on your home.

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Solar FAQs

Q. Aren't solar power systems expensive?

A. They used to be. But now, with state and federal incentives, as well as innovative financing programs, solar is not only the least expensive energy option, but it actually pays for itself in savings as well as through the additional income your system will generate for you!

Q. Will it work with my home or business?

A. To work, solar power systems require direct access to the sun. Any obstructions will limit their productivity and energy output. Our trained solar consultants will provide a detailed analysis to determine if your home or business is a good candidate for a solar power system.

Q. Does the electricity generated by my solar power system work differently?

A. No. You won't notice any difference. The electricity generated by your system is connected seamlessly into your existing electrical panel, and is sent back to the utility grid when you generate more than you use.

Q. Will I still need my utility?

A. Yes, typically. Remember, solar works when the sun is out. So that's when your system will generate electricity: during peak hours of demand. But your utility will continue to supply your electricity at night, and at other times when you are using more electricity than you are generating.

Q. How large a system do I need?

A. System sizes are based on the available roof space and the amount of electricity you require. Because state incentives are NOT available for systems that exceed 100% of your energy needs, an analysis of your electric bill is the first step.