Net Metering


In 1978, the "PURPA" (Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act) was signed to allow organizations other than utilities to produce power (more Information ). This means that if you generate power from any source, the utilities are required to buy it from you.

Different states and utilities have various forms of legislation about this, called "net metering laws."


1. You are not allowed to produce power during a power outage. This could be dangerous to a utility lineman.

2. You cannot produce more power in a year than you use-- in other words the utility will not write you a check. The lowest that your utility bill can be is zero. This is why one of the first steps to a solar proposal for your home or business is an analysis of your electric bills.

3. You may need to replace your electric meter with one that allows this two-way flow. The Utility Company will come out after your installation is complete to switch out your meter.

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